I’m a creative director / art director currently working between New York and Berlin. For more than three decades, my work has spanned a variety of mediums, media, mindsets and marketplaces. I strive to create smart, likeable brands and bold, memorable editorial infused with wit and personality. I’m all about the strategy, the concept and the execution but I’m equally devoted to the fine details and typographic refinements. Creatively speaking, I’m a little bit Björk and a little bit Ben Franklin, except that I am relatively calm and highly conductive.
I’m working primarily in the realms of fashion, culture and premium markets on both brand development and editorial art direction. It is an uncommon mix but creatively speaking, a complementary one. My work in editorial gives me currency for brands that seek to stay ahead in a constantly shifting cultural landscape. My work in branding gives me the experience to elevate editorial standards within budget constraints. My strengths in art direction and HTML5 fluency combine to produce bespoke websites that are both meticulously crafted and technologically engaging.
Following a decade immersed in advertising and corporate design, I relocated from San Francisco to Manhattan to serve as art director or design director for a number of award-winning publications. This included over a decade with Details Magazine (Conde Nast) and Art Director roles at Surface Magazine and BlackBook. As acting Design Director, I led a full book reboot for Details in 2014. I have also served as a creative director for several start-ups focusing on fashion, technology, urban culture and the arts. On the branding side, I've developed identity programs for entrepreneurial start-ups, B2C's and F-500's, typically working from a clean slate, defining strategy and attributes, establishing a brand charter and activating through distinct designs, nomenclature, voice and personality.
I was first swept from New York to Berlin in 2008 by Corbis to develop an editorial-fashion-inspired image collection and soon fell into my second groove with an international bricolage of artists. I continue to bounce between these two anodes of inspiration. In my spare time I design typefaces, indulge in cacoethes scribendi, pursue emulsion-based photography, wrestle with German lessons and teach Europeans the proper way to throw a baseball.