Having emerged from initial proof-of-concept with a core proprietary technology offering, Bookclic ran into another hurdle: their brand. While the name positioned them vaguely in the online hospitality industry, their product is a pricing tool, not a booking platform. Customers go to the site with their best deals from hotel booking sites already in hand, enter that booking information and receive a better offer by email shortly thereafter. Bookclic came to me in need of a more fitting name and a fresh wordmark identity.
The name Roomanza seemed destined for a certain typographic flourish, either an italic or a script treatment. At this stage I also experimented with the idea of a bold san-serif script. Three refined versions of the custom script were drawn: a slightly condensed italic, a geometric italic and a geometric roman version. I was still partial to a slanted script but Bookclic favored the roman version.
The scripts were drawn to be geometric in shoulders and stems but with attention given to the optical nuances of typography, such as a slightly wider counter within the ‘n’ compared to the ‘m’ and the compound curvature forming the bowl of the ‘a’ and the arc of the ‘r’.
I attempted to inject more personality into the symbol, suggesting an ‘overjoyed’ emoticon while playing off the braille ‘dot’ markings found on modern elevator buttons. I felt this could lend the brand a recognizable mnemonic character to be employed prolifically in future branding campaigns. Bookclic feared that it distracted from the purity of the ‘button’ concept, however, and so we put it aside.
Final Brandmark
Brand Guidelines
A simple brand-standards guidebook was included. All essential specifications are provided, including layout clearances, an alternate symbol, brandmark-tagline lock-up, color palette and typography. Also included are directories for the 62 final art files provided.
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